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REGION 8/9 Hiring...

new announcement numbers for 2019 will be posted.



ANNOUNCEMENT NUMBERS for positions are with USFS, NPS and BLM

Announcement #                            Position


18-TEMP-R8-SUPRE-S3DT-RR         TEMP-GS-0462-03-Forestry Aid (Fire Suppression) Huger, SC

18-TEMP-R9-SUPPR-3DT-RR           TEMP-GS-0462-03-Forestry Tech (Fire Suppression) Multiple Locations

18-TEMP-R9-SUPPR-4DT-RR           TEMP-GS-0462-04-Forestry Tech (Fire Suppression) Multiple Locations

18-TEMP-R9-SUPPR-5DT-RR           TEMP-GS-0462-05-Forestry Tech (Fire Suppression) Multiple Locations


ID-Merit-2018-0003                       TEMP-GS-0462-05/06-Forestry Tech (Helitack) Poise, ID and Twin Falls, ID



NPS-FIRE-2018-038-DE                  TEMP-GS-0462-04/05-Forestry Tech (Hotshot) Estes Park, CO

NPS-FIRE-2018-010-DE                  TEMP-GS-0462-04/05-Forestry Tech (Hotshot) 3 Rivers, CA

U.S. Divided into Regions