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Contact us if you want to know how to get in the Academy!

Academy Dates: FEB. 7TH- MARCH 1ST 2020


Week 1-

  1. Working with Inmates Final
  2. Fema IS-700a Final, take at the following link:
  3. FEMA I-100b (ICS-100) Final, take at the following link 
  4.  the 10 Standard Fire Fighting Orders. There will be a test!

Week 2-

  1. 3 page Report & Poster on assigned topic.
  2. Study for the 10's/18's Final.
  3. Invite your friends, family, post advisors, and your fire chiefs to your Graduation.
  4. Learn the Wildland Water Use Hand Signals that are in your IRPG, you will be tested.
  5. Check this website daily for new assignments
  6. If you can, Get yourself a Compass for Land Navigation training.

 Week 3-

  1. Study for S-130 Unit 11 Quiz, Unit 17 quiz, and S-130 Final
  2. 10's & 18's Final
  3. Complete your final invitations

Week 4 of the Academy will start on February 28th. Graduation will be on March 1, 2020 at 12:00 noon

  • Notify those you invited that the Academy Graduation will be MARCH 1, 2020 @ noon
  • Monitor this website for more updates.

February 7th to March 1st on the Wekends; Fri, Sat, Sun

Academy 26 has 50 Explorer Cadets from the following Agencies-

  • US Forest Service FIRE. Post 99, POST 100 and Post 101
  • Kern County Fire Dept.
  • Ventura County Fire Dept.
  • Los Angeles Fire Departemt
  • Oxnard Fire Department
  • Pasadena Fire Department
  • Chula Vista Fire Department


Agencies that have participated in the Academy

U.S. Forest Service- Angeles National Forest

Los Angeles Fire Dept.- Los Angeles County Fire Dept.- Pasadena Fire Dept.- Oxnard Fire Dept.- Kern County Fire Dept.-

Santa Barbara Fire Dept.- Downey Fire Department- Ventura County Fire Dept.- West Covina Fire Dept.-

Montebello Fire Dept.- Orange County Fire Authority.- Bakersfield City Fire Dept.- Alhambra Fire Dept.- Hume Lake Fire Dept.

Riverside County F.D./Cal Fire.- Murrieta Fire Dept.- San Diego Fire Dept., Chula Vista Fire Dept.,

more to come...