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Fire and Education Links

On this page, we'll include links to related Exploring, Employment, Academies, Agency Sites, Wildland Fire Organizations, and much more.

Fire and Application Information

This is the U.S. Forest Service Homepage where you can find all the general information regarding the Forest Service. 

This is the homepage of the Angeles National Forest

This will take you to the USAJOBS application process so you can begin applying for jobs or update your application.

Find the most up to-date Incident Response information on the Angeles National Forest

Homepage of  the Wildland Fire-Apprentice Employment Program for the U.S. Forest Service in California.

Get all the information on what's happening around the country with Wildfires. Also has many cool links related to Wildfires, Incident Situation Reports, Training and much more.

Check out the awesome pictures and all the cool links.

Here are a few Schools that offer Courses in Wiland Fire and Fire Technology.

LA Valley College, Located in the San Fernando Valley.

Offers Courses in Fire Tech. and Wildland Fire Tech. 

College of the Canyons, Located in Santa Clarita Valley.

Offers courses in Fire Tech. and Wlidland Fire Tech.

Antalope Valley College, located in Lancaster.

Offers courses in Fire Tech. and Wlidland Fire Tech.

Located in the San Gabriel Valley (Whittier).

Offers courses in Fire Tech. and Wlidland Fire Tech and has a several Fire Academies.

Educate yourself.