Online Training

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On-Line Meetings and Training

Use the following links to meet and complete training instead of in person meetings while we mitigate COVID19 exposure

Training sites

This takes you to many online training programs & presentations 

This course is for introduction to the National Incident Managemnt System. IS700

This course is for introduction to the National Response Framework. FEMA IS800

FEMA offers many online training courses and certificates. Go here to obtain more training and certificates to build your resume.

Take this to complete online S-190. Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior

Take thsi course to get certified in Basic Wildland Fire Prepardeness

Go here to take other online fire training including other wildland fire courses

Wildland Fire Info and Resources

Learn form fires and incidenst in the past and current lessons learned and shared.

This is an online version of the IRPG

Link TBD

Link TBD

Have Fun!